K Watts

As mom with long curly hair and 2 daughters with long hair , the most dreaded part of my bathroom remodel was picking out the drain. This is my 23rd bathroom remodel so I pretty much know what to do and what to expect and how it will turn out… well except for the drain. I have been on what seems like an endless request to find a drain that will actually capture all of our hair and be easy to clean. So many times I thought I had a solution but was disappointed once they were installed 🙁 I was so excited to find the Invisidrain- it seemed like the answer to my problem. The best part was it solved another problem that I wasn’t even trying to solve- I don’t have to see an ugly drain! Needless to say the drain lives up to its promises and is literally invisible!.. I will definitely be using it on all my bathroom remodels in the future!